[26/07][PROJECT] JUNIEL 19th Birthday

Posted: 2011/07/26 in Uncategorized

Annyeong Haseyo.

As most of you should know, JUNIEL birthday is on 3rd September, which means she’s turning 18/19th (International/Korea) this year. So we (together with @junielph) are planning to do a fan video for her as shipping presents over to the company is kinda expensive. (yes, we are budget!)

The fan video is going to consist the following:

1. Fans who want to video yourself
– Video yourself singing happy birthday song, holding anything that you think symbolise JUNIEL.
File Types : AVI, WMV, MPG (it will be great if you set your camera as 640*480 or 1024*678)

2. Fans who want to picture yourself
– Picture yourself with anything you want (with her album/photo)
File Types : JPG (640*480 or 1024*678)
If you are shy, you can use anything that’s related to JUNIEL to represent you. You can even just take a photo of a birthday message that you want to show her.

Dateline: 10 August 2011

(we know it’s very rush, but because @tamagocnbjnl unnie will be going for JUNIEL 4th one man live (12th August), so we hope JUNIEL would know the existence of this fan video and will watch it, knowing a lot of us are supporting her.)extended to 21 August [JUNIEL is very pleased to know she has lots of overseas fans, so let us show her what we can do. ]

Need some example of how the fan video will look like in the end?
credits: SHERLINDA501 @ youtube

credits: ROM0529 @ youtube

So the fan video will look something like the two above. If you are interested to join, please email us at junielsg@hotmail.com with [JUNIEL BIRTHDAY PROJECT] as subject for easier reference and state your name and country so that JUNIEL knows that she has fans from all around the world. Please join us to make this fan video a great one.


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