[02/08] Ameblo Entry: Holiday Season

Posted: 2011/08/02 in Uncategorized

I feel that I’ve not been updating blog!★

Everyone, it’s going to be holiday season soon, do you have any plans ^0^?

I came to Japan last year during holiday seasons

I went to Asakusa to see fireworks, although I just came Japan and didn’t know anything. Seeing everyone who went, were wearing yukata.

Did I lose? So I went to buy a yukata to watch fireworks too. Really silly (laughs)

But it was fun, the fireworks were pretty and yukata was kept as souvenir.

Holiday season is indeed fun! (>_<)

Wonder what’s yukata? See image below:
Credit as tagged

Source: Juniel Ameblo
Translated by junielsg from English to Chinese
Chinese Translation by Pri_yun @ weibo

  1. M. Hikari says:

    Awww…. It’s so pretty.. Like the colour of Sakura flower… kawaii..

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