[11/08] Ameblo Entry: One-Man Live!

Posted: 2011/08/12 in Uncategorized

One-man Live on August 12!

It’s just round the corner. Every single day,
I’ve been practising to prevent mistakes!

こんかいのワンマン いっしょに幸せな一日を作ってみたいです!!
At this time’s one man, I want to try making a happy day together!!

しかも、こんかいの いしょう スペシャルですよ♡
Moreover, this time’s costume is special♡

渋谷の「DESEO」でするから たくさん来てくださると
Because it’s at Shibuya’s DESEO, so please come a lot and

I feel happy♪^_^

Source: Juniel Ameblo
Translated by junielsg + @ylwshs12


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