[17/08] Ameblo Entry: Thank You!

Posted: 2011/08/17 in Uncategorized

Everyone! My one-man live concert in August was over!

私 皆さんにハッピーな時間を作ってもらいたかったからとても頑張ったんですけど!そうやって頑張ってるうちに逆に私がとてもハッピーになってとてもよかったです!♥
I did my best since I wanted everyone to make happy time! But contrarily, as doing my best, I became very happy. I’m very glad at that!♥

I performed live wearing Japanese yukata today, and I want to show you my performance wearing Korean traditional attire “한복(hanbok)” someday!

Actually it’s one of what I’ve ever dreamed to perform live wearing “한복(hanbok)”..(^_^) Please look forward to it too!

Thank you so much!

Please come and see me again♪

Source: Juniel Ameblo
Translated by @TAMAGOcnbjnl


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