[18/08] Ameblo Entry: Happy ❤

Posted: 2011/09/03 in Uncategorized

私 ワンマンがおわってから 少しお休みがありました!
Because One Man is finally over, I had a brief holiday!

実はお母さんが日本に来てて いっしょに 登山しておいしい食事もしたし
My mother actually came to Japan, we did mountain-climbing together and enjoyed delicious meals

ショッピングもしました♪^_^ とても ハッピーでした❤
I also went shopping♪^_^ I was really happy❤

しゃしんは ショッピングのときのしゃしん!
The photo is taken when I went shopping!

よく見えないかもだけど かわいいでしょ?
It may not be pretty, but it’s cute, isn’t it?

Source: Juniel Ameblo
Translated by rifni@junielindo


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