[23/08] Ameblo Entry: Headphone♪

Posted: 2011/09/03 in Uncategorized

私 新しい ヘッドフォンを買いました>_<!
I bought a new headphone>_<!

サイズは ちょっと大きいけど かわいい❤
Although the size is slightly big, it’s cute❤

特に私 ベースとドラムの音がすごく好きだけど
Especially for me, I really like the sound of the bass and drum.

すごくよく聞こえるし こえもギターの音もいいなー♫
After I heard it well, the voice and the sound of guitar is also good♫

ずっとずっと 聴いてたい^_^♪
I really really wanna hear it^_^♪

Source: Juniel Ameblo
Translated by rifni@junielindo


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