[15/10][INTERVIEW] President Han Interview With Starnews

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I saw many dance singers debut after many years of dance training.
I thought if they were trained musical instruments in that period, they could be band as well.

Lee Hongki has appealing voice, Jung Yonghwa has modern feel, groovy.
FT island has melodical sound, CNBLUE is trendy.

There has been demand of band music always. There was just short blank in 1990s.

A girl group was supposed to debut this year, but it’s postponed to beginning of next year.
Next year, from January, at least 3 teams will debut.
Next year is the time that our color is spreaded which has been built so far.
We may release family album or joint concert.

Vocalist must have inborn talent but musical instrument is different.
The progress cannot be seen in short period. If you practice steadily and sincerely, you can feel a sudden progress.
For a vocalist, I regard voice tone and inborn talent highly, but for an instrument performer, I check sincerity and seriousness most.

There is a girl JUNIEL who is about to debut.
(Reporter’s comment: JUNIEL is the champion of Niziiro Supernova, highschool student, she will make a major debut in Japan through Warner Music Japan at November.)
She was outstanding from trainee days. She practiced guitar so hard that she got blisters on her fingers, couldn’t even do fingering. She is also a great composer. I am surprised at her every time I see her.

Source: Starnews
Translated by: saturn@soompi

  1. Angie says:

    OMG!! I’m so excited!! And so proud of Junhee unnie ;AAA;

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