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“Coming” Pick-up Artist 05: JUNIEL

JUNIEL; 17-year-old singer-songwriter from Korea.

Once you hear, you can’t forget her voice and melody. JUNIEL attracts people as a singer-songwriter, and gets to their hearts regardless of the age and sex. This is her first appearance on this magazine! As well as her voice, her true face and her talk were so cute♪

JUNIEL is from Korea and 17 years old now. She is a singer-songwriter who came to Japan in June last year in order to realize her dream that she debut in Japan. As she said “I don’t know how many times I did, since I’ve never counted (laugh),” she has performed live on streets some dozen times in one year. After the first mini album “Ready go!” released in April, she released the second mini album “Dream & Hope” on 12th July (the 12th day is “JUNIEL”’s day*)! Her cute smile and her singing voice are very impressive. JUNIEL is must check!!
*translator’s note: 12 is read as “ju-ni” in Japanese.

I have wanted to come to Japan since I was a child.

—What is the trigger to start guitar for you?
I liked music and singing so much, and had a dream to write songs and lyrics by myself. I started guitar when I entered the production company and my senior gave over a guitar to me. Though at first I wondered if I could play, I tried hard at guitar lessons and practices, and become able to play step by step. I like songwriting very much and I was happy to have more my original songs, so I was writing songs with guitar one after another (laugh).

— Your Japanese is very good!
Thank you. I’m a student of Japanese-language school. I like to think my own thoughts, and I often change what I thought in my head in Korean into Japanese. Also, I see Japanese movies and read Japanese books. I have written lyrics from my impression of reading “One Piece.” Since Japanese is my favorite language, I have strong motivation to learn. But I’m poor at English, so I can hardly speak in it (laugh).

— One year has passed since you start living in Japan. Have you got homesick?
I have wanted to come to Japan since I was a child, so I’m happy living in Japan. But just one time, I felt lonely all of a sudden. My family is not around me, and I felt I was alone then… But after I called up my mother, and said “I want to come back” with crying, I felt refreshed (laugh).

— Listening to your 1st and 2nd mini album, I got an impression that JUNIEL writes a variety of songs.

My dream is to become a singer-songwriter who writes a variety of songs without deciding one genre. Music is interesting because you can write in various ways.

— What do you think is the difference between the first mini album and the second one?
I think more songs from the first one express my character, maybe because they are songs written when I had just started songwriting. Songs from the second one seem to show my hidden inner face.

— A little scary song like “Mask” reveals your inner face, right?! (laugh)
I often write lyrics based on my experience, but I write “Mask” based on my thoughts after reading a novel “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. That’s why it has a scary feeling (laugh). I want to write various kinds of lyrics, too. As for the first song “Dream & Hope,” I wrote the lyrics to give powers to my friend. Before I started writing, I had decided the theme that “I want to cheer up my friend.”

— How about “Sakura” ?
Since I like sakura (cherry blossoms) the best in flowers, I wrote it with a lot of imagination about it.

Please remember that “12th day is a day to meet JUNIEL”

— Do you write lyrics in Korean first?
“Falling in love” is the newest song in the album and I wrote the Japanese lyrics from the beginning. As feeling like to express the feeling of “suki (to like)” directly, I had to write a lot of the word “suki” (laugh). I found that I prefer “suki” to “aishiteimasu (to love).” Like this song, these days I’m writing more lyrics in Japanese from the beginning.”

— “Falling in love” is interesting in that the cute lyrics goes along with mature bossa nova music.
When I was thinking about what lyrics to write, I thought since the music is mature, if I made the lyrics mature too, it wouldn’t suit me of today. I also thought if childlike lyrics were with mature music, you could enjoy the gap.

—What do you value in recording?
When my singing recorded, I value my emotion most. At live performance, audience can see my expression. But they can’t see it in CD, so I have to express only by voice, right? So, unless I express my emotion put in the lyrics properly, my thoughts can’t reach them. Before entering the recording booth to sing, I read the lyrics many times and recall my emotions of the time I wrote it, without fail.

— What was pleasant or hard for you?
What was hard is the scat that I sang at the last part of “Mask.” Since it was my first time I tried scat, to adopt to the rhythm was difficult for me. Also, as I usually sing with smiles, as for “Mask,” I reminded myself not to smile and sang in an unlovable way (laugh). In “Mask,” the way I sing is different than usual, and the way I vocalize is also different. So, after I sang it many times, my voice became like another person’s and my throat became worn to rags (laugh). Come to think of it, the last time I was back to Korea, my father listened to my second mini album. He said he preferred “Mask” most. I got surprised to hear that he was listening to that scary song dozens of times every day. I thought, “dad, are you okay?!” (laugh)

— (laugh) From now, what kind of songs or lyrics do you want to write?
Just like I would say “I could write even this kind of song or lyrics!”, I want to write songs or lyrics that are surprising even for me. And, I have a song playing in my head, but I can’t play it actually unless I become better in playing the piano. If I don’t practice piano more or become better, I can’t put it into shape. In my head I can play it well, though (laugh).

— What dream do you have now?

I’d be happy if the songs that my experience and emotions are put in could reach a lot of people, and they would understand, cry or become cheerful. I want to be connected with a lot of people through music. That’s my dream. And, I have one-man live concert on the 12th day of every month, “Juniel’s day.” So, I want everybody to remember that “on the 12th, you can see JUNIEL!”, and to come and see me.

translated by tamagocnbjnl@tumblr


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