[TRANS] Pati Pati December Issue

Posted: 2011/12/08 in Uncategorized

JUNIEL Forever

She made a major debut with single “Forever” on Nov 2nd.
Juniel came to Japan with the hope that she will make it someday.

She says, songs is myself. I exist for my songs.
In Japan, thru all those street lives & so, I’ve became much more challenging.
I also learned that lives are not only for me, but for all those audiences who accept it and sharing the stage is the most important thing.

The song “Forever” is related by the earthquakes & Tsunami in Japan.
I think & think…  and then I know singing is the only thing i could do to help them. I don’t believe in ‘forever’, though. Everything in this world will end someday and that’s why ‘existance’ is so important here.

Second song “The Little Prince” is related to the old storybook,  “Little Prince”. I was asked, “are you honestly truly happy now!?” by that song.

Third song “Travel” is the song about both ‘before i came to Japan’ & ‘how i am now in Japan’. Exciting, thrilling, scary, but make a try in the new world!

Songs are myself. What i can do is only singing.

I want to stand on the biggest stage in the world someday.
But before that, i just hope as many people as possible will listen to my songs.

Source: @nuromianhaochi
Translated by: @okmak111


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