[17/02][NEWS] JUNIEL, “See you all at free lives starting in March”

Posted: 2012/02/19 in Uncategorized

A high school girl, singer-song writer, JUNIEL from Korea had a one-man live ‘JUNIEL 7th ONEMAN LIVE Sakura’ at Shibuya Glad on 15th Feb.

JUNIEL made a major debut on 2nd November 2011 with the single ‘Forever’. Her angelic voice had always been getting lots of attentions before her debut. She’s an artist going on different way from the dance music which is the main stream of K-POP nowadays. She said, “Thank you for coming to my live.” And the live started with her new song, “Hello”. After showing her solo concert, the band members joined and performed as a band. She disclosed the song, “Sakura” with piano and it was the releasing day of that song. The song is well loved by her fans when it was released as an indie song. But this time, it was arranged a little bit under the theme of “graduation” on the CD.

“The lives are completed by you all when I sing in front of everyone. Thank you. See you all at free lives all around Japan starting in march!” she said. Performing 18 songs including the encore songs, it was closed with a big cheers.

Source: barks.jp
Translated by: @okmak111


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