[15/03][INTERVIEW] “I’ve always longed for Japan because there are many singer-song-writers and variety of music genres there.” – JUNIEL

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The K-POP boom in Japan seems to have passed away and it seems even established now.

At the beginning of the boom, the dance pop groups used to be spot lighted. Recently, not only those groups but also the unique artists like IU, who has a great vocals as well as the cute appearance like an idol, Kim Hyunjoong, solo singer, the band sound of FTISLAND and CNBLUE are attracting the attention. JUNIEL, from Korea, who made a major debut in Japan in 2011 is more unique and different high school singer-song-writer aiming her very own style here, in the field of J-POP.

Q: How was the one man live in Shibuya Glad on 15th Feb?

J: That was the most fun live among all I’ve ever done. I went to the stage with a thought of “I want to enjoy performing”. And I could do it. I was so happy.

Q: You performed some hard songs there, too.

J: I recently listen to the sound like ‘Tokyo Jihen(東京事変)’. I might have been influenced by their music.

Q: You were saying that you went to the concert of popular British artist, Corinne Bailey Rae, when you were MCing there. Her music is calm and organic. Very different from Tokyo Jihen.

J: I originally liked the warm and soft sound like hers very much. But after a while of my debut, I suddenly come to like those hard sounds. I listen to those music quite often these days.

Q: You may be going to make some more hard songs from now, then.

J: Yes. The songs I made recently are all hard songs (Laughter)

Q: This time’s live was for the release of your 2nd single, ‘Sakura ~unreachable thoughts~’. Could you tell us how this song was made?

J: The original is ‘Sakura’ which was compiled to my mini-album, ‘Dream & Hope’ in Jul 2011 when I was indie. The flower, Sakura, blooms only for a week and then just go. I felt its temporarily was almost like the love affairs. But this time, I remade the lyric to match the graduating season.

Q: Sakura is the flower familiar to us Japanese. How is it like in Korea?

J: Yes, lots of people like Sakura. We have this ‘Sakura viewing’ ,too. Everybody becomes happy when they bloom.

Source: jp.msn.com
Translated by: @okmak111


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