[24/04][NEWS] CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa produces new diva, JUNIEL

Posted: 2012/04/24 in Uncategorized


A new female singer named Juniel is getting a lot of attention.

The April 21 episode of MBC’s special program K-pop Star Captures the World – Just Rock CNBLUE aired Jung Yong Hwa giving Juniel a song and producing her.

After seeing Jung advising the new singer as a veteran singer and as a producer, Jung and Juniel ranked high in several portal sites’ real time search word lists.

People who watched the show responded: “Who is Juniel?” “I envy her because Jung takes care of her.”
Juniel, who was produced by Jung, will debut in Korea at the end of May.

Juniel is the winner of Niziiro Supernova (Japanese version of Super Star K). She is a very talented singer and songwriter who has worked in Japan.

Source: Xportsnews + koreadotcom


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