[22/05][SHOPPING] My First June

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JUNIELSG will be taking orders for JUNIEL – My First June album. ONLY for those who reside in SG. Closing date will be on 10th June 2359. Orders closed!

Track List
01. illa illa (일라 일라)
02. Ready Go!
03. Everlasting Sunset
04. Mask (가면)
05. 바보 (Duet with 정용화(CNBLUE))

Payment information
Price: S$15 (likely with poster. We will confirmed again) (This is just an estimated price. Any excess will be refunded & shortfall is expected to be topped up)
POSB Savings 029-51901-3

Order form
Item Quantity:
Ibanking nick: (if applicable)
Transaction Reference:
Meet up/Postage:
Address: (if postage)
Registered or Normal: (if Postage)

Please drop us an email with the order form at junielsg@gmail.com only AFTER you’ve made the payment.
(Your order will only be counted with payment. No payment, No order!)

Collection Method: Postage/Meet Up
(Preferably Meet Up as you’ve to bear the postage at your own cost. Meet Up will likely to be at City Hall area on weekends.)

Orders so far
1. Wai Yan – 1 copy (collected)
2. Brenda Lai – 1 copy (collected)
3. Tan Song Jing – 1 copy (collected)
4. Jacintha – 1 copy (collected)
5. Lee Jia Hui – 1 copy (collected)
6. Haizul – 1 copy (collected)
7. Monica Chou – 1 copy (collected)
8. Emelia Tan – 2 copy (collected)
9. Qian Yi – 1 copy (collected)

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or leave us a comment below, we will try and reply you as soon as possible within 24 hours!


Updated on 17 June 2012, 10:38am
Our albums have all arrived and there’s no poster as it’s out of stock. The album cost SGD13, and so we will be doing refunds upon collection.

Meet up details
Date: 20 June 2012
Time: 4 – 5pm
Venue: City Hall McDonalds

For those who have missed out this batch of order, fret not. We have 4 extra copies for sale. Just comment on this post, stating the number of copies you want and meet us on 20 June for your album. ^^

  1. Hello, is it possible to pay via methods other than bank transfer? >< Thank you.

  2. emelia tan says:

    hi!!! i know this is late as i just found this blog… but is there any extra or anything so that i can order from you as well?? i really want the album but i got no idea where to get it from… really hope if you can help me…

  3. Monica Chou says:

    I would like to have 1 copy of the album please. Im Monica Chou.

  4. emelia tan says:

    I am Emelia Tan and i would like to have a copy of the album. thanks!

  5. Monica Chou says:

    Thank you!

  6. qianyii says:

    hi, do you still have a copy? =)

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