[07/06][NEWS] What’s the meaning behind Juniel’s title song ‘Illa Illa”?

Posted: 2012/06/07 in Uncategorized

Singer Juniel revealed that there’s hidden meaning on her title’s song “Illa Illa”.

On Juniel’s first showcase on the 7th June, 2 PM KST at Yeongdengpu, Shindoreom D-Cube, Seoul. The MC asked her what’s the meaning behind her title song “Illa Illa”, she answered “Illa is a phrase for word that really can’t be expressed, you can tell from the lyric there’s that one flower, a wild flower from the streets named ‘Illa’. The song tells when u see that wild flower from a street it can bring you the memories of feeling when u look at your first love. So you can say that the meaning of “Illa Illa” is a feeling from first love.”

Juniel’s title song “Illa Illa” is a song with acoustic guitar that give an attractive modern pop sound, which the lyric is about yearning for a first love from thru a wildflower.

Juniel has released 3 Japan albums in total including Ready Go, Forever and Sakura, and now this talented singer-songwritter has just began her domestic activities through “Illa Illa” song.

Source: Naver
Translated by @omonOona


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