[08/06][NEWS] FNC Entertainment’s 1st female songstress Juniel holds debut showcase

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Reporter : Lucia Hong.
Editor : Monica Suk.

Songstress Juniel at her debut showcase held in Seoul, South Korea on June 7, 2012. [FNC Entertainment]

Standing alone in the middle of the stage, female solo artist Juniel bravely began playing her songs with an electronic guitar at her debut showcase held in Seoul, Thursday.

She is the first solo female act to be managed by FNC Entertainment, which also manages rock bands CNBLUE and FTIsland, and a rising star that is expected to be called the next IU.

Donned in a sky blue dress, the 20-years-old artist kicked things off with her self-composed song “Ready Go!” She was later joined on stage by CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yong-hwa for their duet performance of “Babo” (in Romanized Korean), which Jung wrote for her.

“I thank Jung for presenting me with this great song that suits my voice tone perfectly. I also appreciate him for being here at my showcase,” Juniel said.

As a reply to her thanks, Jung took the mic to tell the audience, “I have known Juniel for about four to five years now and I can say that she is a talented singer and she is someone with a great passion in music for sure. I hope many people support her in all her coming activities.”

Songstress Juniel (left) and CNBLUE’s leader Jung Yong-hwa (right) performing at Juniel’s debut showcase held in Seoul, South Korea on June 7, 2012. [FNC Entertainment]

To finish her performances meaningfully, Juniel sang the last song “illa illa,” which she explained is the debut album’s title track that “should make the listeners reminisce about their first love.”

She then sat in front of reporters for a question and answer session regarding her singing activities in Japan, making her debut in Korea, her musical influences, her labelmates — FTIsland and CNBLUE.

Activities in Japan
 I was the winner of an audition program in Japan and I began my activities there as a singer and songwriter. I stayed there for about two years and studied music and performed at various concert halls. There was this one time where I was on stage for a live performance and my guitar string broke. I was upset at first but that gave me a chance to learn how to take care of my guitar before performing on stage.

Official debut in Korea
 I have to say that rather than being nervous about my debut, I’m more excited and glad. But I’m anxious about it too at the same time. I guess it is because I have experiences in performing on stage in Japan but I never have an experience like that here. I have a burden about my debut in Korea since this is my motherland. That is why I know that I have to work extra hard in my activities.

Musical influences
 My parents have influenced me so much to become a singer. My father loved music ever since I can remember. He also played the guitar and I listened to all the songs from his generation. That played a great factor in me becoming a singer and it just naturally led me to become one.

On FTIsland and CNBLUE
 The members of FTIsland and CNBLUE are great mentors as senior singers. They have given me a lot of advice about starting out in the business and the most memorable tip that they gave me was to never lose the color of my music, even though my song might be something that the audience is used to listening to. However, I don’t think I can pinpoint one member who treats me better. (laugh) They all take good care of me.

Being called the next IU
 It was such a great honor being called the next IU because she is being loved nationally right now. Though, I feel that my music is different from her’s and my songs present my voice in another light. So, I just hope to show the audience my music and be known as Juniel, and not be compared to another singer.

Songstress Juniel at her debut showcase held in Seoul, South Korea on June 7, 2012. [FNC Entertainment]

Juniel, whose real name is Choi Jun-hee, has officially kicked off her singing career by staging the first televised performance on Mnet’s “M!CountDown” yesterday. She will be keeping it up by appearing on other music shows to promote her first mini-album “My First June,” dropped on June 7.

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