[16/12][INTERVIEW] PATi PATi Web

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Should have shared this earlier, but it’s still not late to see how cute our Juniel is when answering questions~

Q1. What do you always do before live performance?
A1. I stretch to relax my body, and drink lemon tea.

Q2. If you learn another foreign language, what do you like?
A2. English, French

Q3. What is your favorite manga (anime)?
A3. “One Piece”

Q4. What is your first CD that you bought?
A4. TVXQ’s first album

Q5. What live performance that you recently were moved by?
A5. Live performance of a female singer whom I had live concert together when I was indie. It was a song about mother, and both lyrics and melody are toughing. I cried before I knew.

Q6. Who is your favorite comedian?
A6. I don’t often watch TV, so…

Q7. Are you rather “Boke” or “Tsukkomi”?
A7. Boke. When I am a kind of angry, Tsukkomi.
(“Boke” and “Tsukkomi” are words to describe characters. They come from Japanese comedian’s sharing roles.
“Boke”: a person who often says funny and weird things, or a person whose words miss the whole point. Like 4D in Korean.
“Tsukkomi”: a person who is calm and cool, a person whose words are pertinent, or a person who is good at making fun by pointing out the weirdness of “Boke”.)

Q8. What are you absorbed in?
A8. Electric guitar.

Q9. What song do you often sing in karaoke?
A9. I rarely go to karaoke.

Q10. What do you want to have a resurgence?
A10. Nothing particular, I think.

Q11. What is wallpaper of your cellphone?
A11. Clock.

Q12. When you mail with cellphone, do you use many pictograms, or a few ones?
A12. I sometimes use.
(*pitograms are emotional expressions and graphics that fit in one Japanese letter space.)

Q13. Do you use smartphone? If there is recommendable Application, please tell us.
A13. I don’t have smartphone T.T

Q14. When do you feel happiness?
A14. When I sing happy songs.

Q15. What sign or movement of opposite sex do you feel something for?
A15. Hug

Q16. What is your favorite (body) parts (of other people, especially opposite sex)?
A16. I stick to nothing particular.

Q17. Please tell us your secret trick in matters of love.
A17. I have never romanced properly…

Q18. What do you take care of for ecology?
A18. I’m trying to walk as much as possible.

Q19. How is your sleep posture?
A19. I don’t know because I have never seen my sleeping.

Q20. What do you always do before you go to bed?
A20. Stretching

Q21. How long is your average sleep?
A21. 5~6 hours

Q22. Where do you want to go for trip abroad?
A22. Europe, especially UK

Q23. If you have vacation for a month, how will you spend the time?
A23. I want to take a trip.

Q24. What are your favorite words or words to live by?
A24. “I’m the best!” Before bedtime or when I get nervous, I remind myself of this line.

Q25. If the end of this world came tomorrow, what would you eat?
A25. Mom’s handmade meals

Q26. What was the funniest thing recently?
A26. I have funny things every day. Looking back on the funny things so far, I have fun. Funny!

Q27. What made you the most irritated recently?
A27. Nothing particular. I think it’s partly because of my personality. I rarely get angry.

Q28. Have you cried recently?
A28. I cried a little while ago. Originally, I’m a type of person who is easy to get excited and cry when singing sad song.

Q29. What made you most upset recently?
A29. When I dropped my contact lens. Wondering if I stepped on and broke it, I was searched with eyes without moving a muscle for a while. I was pretty upset.

Q30. What is your most painful memory?
A30. I don’t have painful memory yet.

Q31. What is your most scaring thing in the world?
A31. Nothing particular.

Source: PATi PATi Web
Photo Source: @tamagocnbjnl
Translated by: @tamagocnbjnl

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