[16/06][NEWS] JUNIEL “I didn’t feel nervous, I’m so excited on the debut stage”

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20 years old energy singer- songwriter JUNIEL have just finished her activities in Japan for the past 2 years and put her first step on the domestic market.

Possessing a feminine voice and figure, although she has lots of new and fresh songs that boys would love to listen with the typical type of “pure beauty”, meeting her outside you will be very surprise to know that she’s quite absolute when having a ‘strong heart’ that never fear of anything, and she chose the odd musician roll-model like Lily Allen for herself.

“My mother and my father are Kim Kyong-ho’s fan, so when I was 5, I was able to attend the ceremony of the fanclub with my parents. Back then, Yoo Jae-suk was the MC, and I was singing “Do not cry” (Santa Claus is coming to town Korean version) on the stage. And then Kim Kyong-ho praised me for my good tone and well-singing. It’s because of my father’s dream being a singer, that I naturally grown up getting closer to music.”

Having the dream of being singer ever since I was in elementary school, Juniel was able to enter the current agent of CNBLUE – FnC Entertainment – for the reason that she was ‘way too’ honest.

“I’ve been here and there for audition for many agencies like SM, JYP, etc. The result was not so good. And then when I could attend the audition of the current agency of FTISLAND, luckily I draw some attention. I sung Position’s song (Position is a male singer of Korean) and passed the audition.”

Unlike the other artist at the same age, she cares about writing song more than performance and she has finished composing her first song “Boys” in her 3-year of high school.

“Fortunately, my first song was officially published and made into an album releasing in Japan. Since I was young, I really love Japanese culture so I started with those activities predicting to be excited in Japan. In here, I have had 4 albums in total and I have released 16 songs written by me. According to the instruction of my agency for my individual activities in Japan, since there’s a lot of good respond received, in last year November my major debut was held.”

Despite having many experiences in Japan, the excited debut in Korea is still a challenge to her. On her premier day, she loves everything except for the first time wearing in-ear instructive headphone.
“There so many problems come up. To be honest, I’m not very familiar with singing in front of the camera. Only when watching on the monitor then I realize my singing posing. They say that I put my legs in bad posing when singing. (Laugh). Even though, my original style is not being nervous, I was quite excited for broadcasting activities.”

“Having standing and singing in front of Mr. Hee-yeol is really making me tremble. When I couldn’t tell how to combine favorite music and popularity, the song of Yoo Hee-yeol named ‘Sketchbook’ was really a big help to me. I even wrote many letters for him. I was really nervous.”

Source: Osen
Translated by: zie.babe@junielvn


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