[17/06][NEWS] JUNIEL, having 4 albums in Japan with self-written song, ‘Illa illa’ is another challenge.

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JUNIEL – Rookie singer 93 birth year just only turns 20 – has marked her name ‘JUNIEL’ through her title song ‘Illa illa’ performed with an emotional voice.

During her performances on music channels, Juniel had shown up as slender girl and full of emotional expression unlike a rookie at all. She spread out her attractiveness through deep eye-contact grabbing everyone’s heart and also carved her name ‘JUNIEL’ into people’s mind.

Having 4 albums released in Japan, also thanks to all those strong performance experiences having through street live performances, club live performances… she feels really calm with her playing guitar and singing pose.
As the first solo female singer of FNC Entertainment, Juniel who is receiving lots of attention had her wish comes true ‘The dream of being a typical singer-songwriter of Korea’, and domestic activities are also started with the Korea debut album ‘My First June’ which includes 3 self-written song of her (Ready Go!, Everlasting Sunset, Mask).
For the whole time, 4 albums in Japan gather all the songs written by her. Ever since middle school, she has started composing song and writing lyrics.

JUNIEL find the composing inspiration through those little things around her daily life. This time album, apart from 3 self-written song published, there are also more than 20 self-written song still keeped unrevealed.

Beside of her hobby of playing guitar and piano and composing, talented Juniel also state her hope: “My dream is to spread the energy and power to lots of people so that they can become singer. And by changing my colorful voice just like the one in the musical called ‘Amazing Voice’, I want to carve my name ‘JUNIEL’ into people’s mind”.

Source: Starjn
Translated by: zie.babe@junielvn


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