[19/06][NEWS] JUNIEL “I went to karaoke once with the same-age (friend) IU”

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Doll-like appearance, charming voice, carrying guitar on her small body, new singer JUNIEL’s (real name: Choi Junhee) appearance looks like the second IU (real name: Lee Jieun). Also the two people are 20 years old now, both were born in 1993.

JUNIEL is being called as ‘the second IU’. “I think it’s too good for me being compared with IU senior,” she replied. She is also related to have a vague friendship with IU.

Juniel was officially debuted in Korea at June 7th, by releasing first mini album ‘My First June’. At Star News Interview, Juniel hinted that during trainee days, she went together to karaoke with IU.
“During trainee days, I’ve ever personally met IU senior three times. I’ve known her since elementary school, my close eonni was at the same company with IU. One day, when the company had a vacation she said that she would introduce me to someone known as ‘the beautiful sister’. That friend is IU.”

Now, 5 years later, Juniel still remembered clearly the time when she met IU. She said, “ The first meeting was when I went to the musical. At the second meeting, we went to karaoke and had fun and then we chatted at a café. That time, having a friend with same age, we had fun and went along well immediately.”

However when she was asked “do you still keep in touch with IU”, she answered by shaking her head.

“At the third meeting, we’ve already concentrated in practice and as we didn’t have phone, we eventually lost contact. Later, she appeared with ‘IU’ name on the broadcasts. We used to be friendly, I don’t know whether she still remembers or not. (Laugh). I still haven’t encountered her after I debuted.”

About being called as ‘the second IU’, Juniel said “It is too much for me. Thank you. However, rather than being called the second IU, I will show my own color. In the future, I want to be a genius singer-song writer.”

“IU senior has been doing activities for for years, while I only started for a week. There are still many people who is yet to see my appearance, so I think people will think that kind of description. As a little more time passed, if I let the public knows about my feeling, I guess the saying like that eventually will disappear. My goal is to become the best singer-song writer by delivering various tones and representing my own color.”

Meanwhile, Juniel is already well-known for her talent after winning ‘Niji Iro Supernova’, Japanese version of ‘Super Star K’. Capable in writing lyrics and composing, she already has been doing activities in Japan and has a lot of stage experiences.

Last year in Japan, she released mini album ‘Ready Go’ as her first step as a singer. Later, in November 2011, she did Japan major debut by releasing single album ‘Forever’.

She promoted title track for her first mini album ‘illa illa’ was released at June 7th in Korea. She was known for her talent and is called the next IU. She is also expected to grow to be a talented female singer.

*PS: Please don’t use this news for bad things, we wish we can stop comparing both singers because it could burden juniel much. Both singers are talented and have their own color.

Source: Daum
Translated by: rifni@junielindo


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