[17/06][INTERVIEW] JUNIEL, from zero audience in Japan performance until Korean debut stage

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All the way, I just thought of a beautiful girl. As for me, slowly, the phrase that she talks and the lovely songs that she sings makes the girl glows. But meeting Juniel for the sake of interview (19, Choi Junhee), I couldn’t conclude ‘what kind of’ person she is. Then stand by to find out what kind of singer she is, what kind of person she is.

#. Activities in Japan for a year, it was essentials for Juniel

After Juniel won the Japanese audition program ‘Niji Iro Supernova’, her name become known in earnest. “At first, I went to Japan because I wanted to know the variety of music. I learned Japanese, I learned music. I participated in the audition by chance, somehow it happened that I won. It really scarred me.”

When Juniel recalled the audition time once again, she still couldn’t believe that she won the champion title in the end. “I was in a daze. Because they said ‘This is the last (performance)’. I slowly came out. ‘Okay?’ I would do it. ‘Whoa’ I was marveled.

And then, Juniel revealed about how was her life in Japan, without any relatives in foreign country. All the time I directly interacted there, I made a lot of experiences. That way, I’ve gained worthy experiences. In fact, the winning is not the most amazing thing I’ve got there (it was the experiences).

“During my 2 years in Japan, I did street performances 3 to 4 times a week. There is no audience in my first performance. But I continued doing it. The audiences gradually increased. From 3 to about 40 people came to listen to my song.”

“One time, there was a big concert at Yoyogi Stadium. Although it was a live concert, there were no people who turned to my performance. When audiences entered (the stadium), I sang my song. I stood at the stage at that time. Honestly, I also got captured in the broadcast. There was a lot of coincidence. (laugh)

By that, I learned Japanese naturally, the small performance continued. She also did radio program ‘Tsukichi Music’ and directly became the DJ. For Juniel, she thinks that these Japan activities are like a dash of lightning as a pipe in her dream. Step by step, with her own music, she felt that audiences are a gift for her.

“Because I did performances at live houses, I prepared really well. In the waiting room, I continued to practice guitar and when I came out on stage, the string was broken. I was panic ‘what should I do’. The guitar sound was a little strange, but I still have to sing the song. I re-did the first line and was able to handle the circumstances. (Laugh) For the sake of stage, I should take care of my own instument. That time.”

“Ever since I debuted in Korea, I do broadcast and activities as an entertainer. In Japan, I continued doing small performances to be recognized. And in major (Japan major debut) I could do broadcast and radio. Even though it was a small performance, I treasure it a lot. When doing activities in Japan, I never felt that I did music alone. In a performance, we have to show our attitude. Audience’s reaction from giving applause, it will depend on attitude. There’s nothing I have to do other than work harder.”

#. And then for Korean debut, what is Juniel’s color?

It’s been 2 years since 2010, her skill has been growing, now Juniel sings her own song in Korea. Even though she is experienced in doing numerous performances and won the title at audition program at 19 years old, she felt burdened because all of the attention and anticipation.

“To tell the truth, being named as a winner was burdensome. But in accordance, I am so thankful when my talent is being realized. I think such expectation and pressure makes me work harder.”

“I made a lot of mistakes at my first debut stage. (Laugh) Becase it was my first time doing activities in entertainment, I still couldn’t adapt with it. I don’t know where should I see, I couldn’t hear the sound well so I really couldn’t sing. When I looked up at the monitor, I realized that I did a live performance. I felt like my feet were tied. Haha. I didn’t even care what people saw and wrote anymore. Now, I think I can adapt with the situation.”

“As for now, everything is fun.” Juniel is distressed about her music and start moving to find out her own color. During the 5-years trainee, the most difficult thing was neither about the future nor appearance. I was worrying about the music. What is my ‘color’, that’s what this girl is worrying about.

“When I composed music, I was worried about what color of music and feeling that people will like, how to make a fancy harmony. Until now, I still have these worries. Because that thing is very difficult, I listen to a lot of advices. Even now, I should think more about it, shouldn’t I? To tell you the truth, I still don’t know what is the popular music. I mean, I don’t want to lose my color.”

Juniel said, “I have to do music that makes me happy. It’s not about singing a beautiful song. It’s about singing a song where you ecan xpress your feeling to the utmost level. Whether it’s sad, depressed, or happy. If I can express those feeling well, I’ll be happy.”

What is Juniel’s color has not been clearly set yet. It’s only less than two weeks since her debut, this young girl started to determine her own color. She was worried. The thought about whether the music color is where she can express her feeling or she wants to make the popular harmony is clouding in her head. As the worries continue, gradually the natural color of this girl will come out and become more apparent.

Source: TV Daily
Translation: rifni@junielindo


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