[28/06][FROM JUNIEL] Hello. I’m Juniel!

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안녕하세요 JUNIEL입니다!
Hello I’m Juniel!

공식 홈페이지가 생기고 처음 쓰는 글이네요
Having an official homepage now it’s my first time writing a message.
이제 막 데뷔 3주가 지났는데 너무너무 재미있어요!ㅎㅎ
It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve debuted and it’s been really really fun! Hehe
응원해주시는 분들도 점점 많이 오셔서 기분도 너무 좋아요
I feel good too that those who support me comes gradually.
너무너무 감사 드립니다!!
Thank you very very much!!

아직 보여드리고 싶은 모습이 엄청 엄청 많으니까요
I still really really have a lot to show
더 더 많이 많이 기대해주시고 사랑해주세요
so expect more and more and give a lot of love.

Thank you!

Source: juniel.co.kr
Translated by: @byul3

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