[29/06][INTERVIEW] Juniel, the talented 20 year old song-writer

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Juniel dreamed of being a singer since she was in 3rd grade in elementary after seeing Boa’s success on a documentary.

“When I saw Boa sunbaenim’s effort on showing a powerful image on stage I thought woah I want to become a cool singer like that. Actually I can’t dance. I don’t even have eagerness. Later when I’ll have a concert I think I’ll dance to at some level to one song as a surprise event.(smiles)”

Juniel have desires about bands than dance singers. She likes the band Nell a lot.

“I like expressing thoughts well and distinct musical color. Even if they come out in 2~3 years you can still say as expected Nell’s music remains the same.”

Juniel’s pastime is mountain climbing. Along with her mother mountain climbing as pastime with her slender look Juniel likes climbing rough mountains.

Through looking at the sky, reading books, watching movies and more Juniel gets inspirations from those things unlike her young age she gives off a deep sensibility.

“I like books and movies. If there’s an opportunity I would like to try musicals. I would like to try the role of Jekyll in the musical ‘Jekyll and Hyde’. Is there a way to be a boy? I think that charcter is very charming. Even if I wear man’s clothes I would surely want to try that role. (smiles)”

Now that Juniel’s 20 years old how was her first love?

“My first love was in 1st year of junior high. Since we only met 3 times in one year it became like nothing. When I was the movie ‘Architecture 101’ I remembered all the memories of those times. I haven’t experience true love yet so I think of character’s feelings from books and movies.”

“I also watch ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’. Since I have a busy schedule I couldn’t watch it on time but I regularly watch the rerun. In the drama I think KimSuro’s character is very cool. He’s always dignified and confident towards his girl which is charming. I also like ChaSeungwon and SongJoongki. My ideal type is a guy who has a good voice.(smiles)”

Juniel also likes Gary of Leessang so she surely wants to be a guest on Running Man.

“Gary sunbaenim shows this naïve charm on Running Man which I like. I like games that’s thrilling.”

Talking about her favorite stars Juniel surely goes back to being a pure little girl.

Being the only girl in their agency shouldn’t she be more happy to be in between with good looking guys?

“With Jung Yonghwa sunbaenim, it’s been 5 years since we’ve known each other up to now since we were trainees so we’re really like a family. Since I’ve seen him for so long I don’t even know if he’s good-looking.(smiles)…Offensive comments? Since we’ve performed together on stage…you know I’m great with websurfing. I read the comments on the articles that mentions my name. I also check bad comments one by one. I’m naturally calm so I don’t get bothered.”

Idol groups these days concentrates on doing overseas activities but Juniel’s the opposite. Debuted first in Japan then stepping into Korea, how do you think it’ll go?

“I’m doing activities in Korea and preparing for my album in Japan at the same time. It’ll be all my compositions of course. Pressured about popularity? I didn’t debut to ride on Kpop wave….Those who likes Kpop won’t be interested in me. Like going up each steps of the stairs my fans are increasing as well. I think it’s better this way. For that I will focus on making my name known this year.”

Source: Asiatoday
Translated by @byul3


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