[05/07][NEWS] Juniel’s shaggy graduation photo attracts attention

Posted: 2012/07/05 in Uncategorized

Juniel’s graduation photos have attracted attention. Recently, an online community board posted a discussion thread titled, “New singer Juniel, Choi Junhee’s graduation pictures,” revealing two different graduation photos.

One photo is of Juniel’s elementary school graduation, while the other comes from her middle school graduation. What has attracted the most attention is Juniel’s elementary graduation photo, in which she is sporting a shaggy hairstyle as she looks on with a smile in her Kellogg’s Apple sweatshirt.

In her other graduation photo, Juniel’s outlook has greatly changed, giving a fresher look and revealing her cute charm. Her long, straight hair is accompanied by a white hair band as an accessory and she is seen wearing her school uniform.

After looking at her graduation photos, netizens commented, “Juniel’s graduation pictures shows she’s a natural beauty,” Juniel looks beautiful in her graduation photos” and “Juniel looks perfect and the same as her graduation photos.”

Meanwhile, Juniel released her first album last month called, “My First June,” and has gained attention, receiving the nickname of the “second IU.”

Source: Donga Ilbo via koreaboo


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