[11/07][INTERVIEW] Songstress Juniel “Loving every minute of my hectic schedule” – Pt. 1

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Unlike her girly and shy image, FNC Entertainment’s first solo songstress Juniel looked highly confident when she stepped into the studio for an exclusive interview with the magazine. It has been only a month since her debut showcase but without showing any signs of being nervous, she spoke candidly about her hobby of climbing mountains and loving every minute of her singing career despite the hectic schedule. Juniel’s eyes glistened as she laughed while sharing her thoughts about the lessons she has learned as a rookie singer and getting an hour-long sleep every day. Below are excerpts from the interview held in Seoul on July 6, where she talked about her musical influences, her hobbies and what she expects in her future.

How does it feel to have made your debut in Japan before making your official debut in Korea? And what do you think are the differences between the two music scenes?
Juniel: Music is music anywhere you go and I just content with everything that I have done so far. But if I have to pick the differences, how the live performances are held in Korea and Japan in different. In Korea, there is a limit to the kind of instruments that you can play on the stage while in Japan there really isn’t. But, I have to stay that I love fulfilling my singing activities both in Korea and Japan.

Have you always wanted to be a musician and at what age did you realize that you wanted to become one?
Juniel: Honestly, it was my father’s dream to become a singer and I grew up watching him play the guitar. I also grew up listening to the songs of The Beatles and Eric Clapton, and I just love everything about their music. I’ve actually determined to become a singer was when I saw a documentary about BoA when I was in third grade. That was when I knew that I wanted to challenge myself (to become a singer).

It has been almost a month since you held the showcase and made your official debut in Korea, What have you felt in the past month and what have you learned from it?
It feels like a month has passed in the blink of an eye. I was so busy that I couldn’t get any sleep but it was a new experience. It’s just fun going on various radio programs and TV shows even though it can be physically tiring sometimes. I remember that when I was really busy that I only got an hour of sleep and now I’m used to it. It was a new experience standing in front of the camera though I already have the experience in Japan. Oh, but being on the radio was new for me.

Congratulations on becoming a regular guest on Super Junior’s Ryeowook and Sungmin’s ‘KISS THE RADIO.’
Thank you so much. I was really nervous at first but Ryeowook and Sungmin is taking a great care of me. So far I have only recorded one episode and I wasn’t sure about talking for about 30 minutes but I got up the courage and just went for it. They said that I did a good job.

How did you feel about your first live performance in Korea and how do you get rid of stage fright?
I had my first debut performance on Mnet’s “M! CountDown” and I usually don’t have stage fright but that was the first time I’ve ever used the in-ear monitor. I put both monitors in my ear but CNBLUE’s Jung Yong-hwa taught me that I should use just one side. I don’t like using only one, so my facial expression looked a bit stiff during our duet performance to “Babo” (in Romanized Korean). I think the viewers thought my expression was like that because I was a nervous rookie singer. I used both in-ear monitors when I sang “illa illa,” which felt much more comfortable.

What other instruments can you play besides the guitar and what is your reason in choosing the guitar as your main instrument?
I can play the piano a bit but I just loved playing the guitar from the beginning. I loved hearing my dad play it when I was younger. There weren’t any other artists that used instruments when I first joined the agency and they suggested that I should play the guitar as well.

In one of the past interviews you did, you said that you are not that interested in dancing, acting, and other activities except for singing. This is a bit unusual for contemporary idol stars. Could you tell us why you think that way?
I’ve decided to become a singer because I love music. I also compose and write songs, and it’s hard working on my music because of my busy schedule. I feel satisfied and happy with where I am now. And if I get a chance to pursue other activities in the entertainment business, I don’t want to get the opportunity just by luck because I am a celebrity. I want to start out from the way bottom with a minor role, ones that doesn’t require much lines. (laugh)

Source: Kstar10


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