[11/07][NEWS] Juniel Meets and Greets Fans at Weekly Mini Fanmeetings

Posted: 2012/07/11 in Uncategorized

Although it’s only been a mere month since her debut, Juniel has already grown quite a fanbase.

According to FNC Entertainment, Juniel has been meeting weekly with fans who came out to support her at music shows.

“Juniel has been creating time to talk with her fans at nearby cafes after her weekend music program activities. She wants to get closer to her fans and chat with them, so she’s been holding these gatherings.”

To add, Juniel said, “I’m really happy these days because of my fans. I’ll do my best to return all the love, so keep watching after me. I also want to continue having gatherings like this.”

Juniel made her debut on June 7 and has been gathering love with her song illa illa, which has been included in the original sound track of SBS’ A Gentleman’s Dignity. Juniel also made a cameo appearance in the drama on July 7.

Photo Credit: FNC Entertainment

Source: enews


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