[13/07] Ameblo Entry: It’s been a long time!

Posted: 2012/07/13 in Uncategorized

Blog update after a long time!

I’m sorry to everyone who has been waiting for blog update T_T
How are you?

These days, I’ve been working hard on the activity in Korea!

もしかしたら皆さんの中で私の韓国デビュー曲「illa illa」を聞いてくださった方もいるのかな~?^-^?
Maybe some of you has listened to my Korea debut song, “illa illa”~?^-^?

実はこの前の「ツキイチMUSIK」で「illa illa」をライブで歌いました!
In fact, I sang live “illa illa” on the latest episode of “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK”!

This photo is the one taken at the recording for the radio (show)!
「ツキイチMUSIK」で「illa illa」を歌って皆さんに聞いてもらえてうれしかったです^_^
I was glad to sing “illa illa” at “Tsuki Ichi MUSIK” and to let people hear it ^_^

I felt as if they said “thanks to our support, JUNIEL grew up and she is doing a good activity in Korea like this!”..

Thank you!

The next recording is coming up soon, so everyone, please check it out!
Thank you for your continuing support!

Source: Juniel Ameblo
Translated by: @ylwshs12


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