Posted: 2012/07/17 in Uncategorized

Wondering why we were so excited to find fanpics of Juniel after Inkigayo yesterday? Here’s the answer to the mystery. We had prepared gift for Juniel since her debut, but we didn’t know how to give it to her since we didn’t really trust FnC in accepting the gift. 😛

Suddenly one day, we found someone who can help us to pass the present to Juniel personally. We think she’s one of the founder from jonghun’s fancafe (mystylejh). Anyway she went for Inkigayo (not sure did she get the seats.) and she managed to pass the present to Juniel’s manager and updated us that Juniel was holding it while walking to her company’s car. Below is the fanpic of Juniel holding it. ^^

Credits: @kristinekwak

So what did we actually give Juniel? It’s a bunny soft toy with guitar necklace. We actually wanted to engrave on the pendent but it seems too small, so we made the pin badge ourselves.

Hope to see Juniel wearing the guitar necklace one day. 🙂

  1. hazelnutter says:


  2. M. Hikari says:

    wow.. congrats!! you all should twit her to wear the necklace.. It’s really pretty..

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