[23/08][INTERVIEW] [‘My First June’ Juniel ①] 20 years old, her dream of music

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Although every year many rookie singers knock on the door of music industry, there are only a tiny number of singers who are able to catch public’s eye to survive. The reality is they try to fulfill their dream before disappearing from music industry these days.

In the music industry, hearing compliment about ‘coming out properly at once’, there is a girl who emerged like a comet. The main character is Juniel.

In the eyes of journalists, the first time hearing Juniel is when she held a showcase. Moreover the dominating thought is about a debut of rookie solo singer makes us want to keep close with her. It was declared until we saw her stage. Without tension, a rookie singer was able to take control of the stage and bowed to audiences.

Through music, journalists are met again with the fascinated Juniel. Different when she’s onstage, the 20 years old girl became her lively self. This girl who has stage name Juniel mingled very well.

Juniel’s real name is Choi Junhee. Is there any special meaning of stage name ‘Juniel’?

“It’s the combination of my real name Junhee and the first letter of the world love ‘L’. I think that out of all emotions underlies the feeling of love. I want to express various feelings and emotions in my heart, so I use the name Juniel.”

It seems that Juniel’s encounter with music is because great influence from her parents. She was naturally exposed to music because of her father who had dream of become a singer and inherited musical talent from her mother. Although she was good at music, she didn’t have a dream to become a singer. However, when she was at 3rd grade of elementary school, after watching success story of singer BoA from documentary, she started dreaming to becaome a singer.

“I watched BoA seonbaenim’s documentary and for the first time I thought ‘I also want to become a cool singer like her.’ In fact, when I was a kid, I learned dancing. But the more I learned, my interest dropped. It seemed like it didn’t fit me so I gave up. Then I focused on singing and playing instruments and had a passion in composing.”

It was said that in Korean music industry, female singer-songwriter is rare and truthfully it was hard enough. In the middle of that condition, Juniel’s mini album consists of 5 songs which 3 of them are Juniel’s own compositions.

“I don’t learn composing specially. When I learn guitar, I get to understand a lot of principles such as the basic of harmony and chord progression. I create songs based on these and then my songwriting teacher listens to it. If it’s okay, then I write it. Currently, I have written about 24 songs.”

Because of young age, experience is also limited. However, when we look at Juniel’s compositions, they have variety of materials and colors. I was curious is there any hidden secret behind it?

“I write 80~90% of the songs based on my experiences. I’m still young, my experience is limited, so there is a limit. So in a lot of my songs, I write my feeling when I read books, watch movies, or see the nature”

First impression of Juniel is a cute younger sister or somehow a shy girl. However, throughout the interview, Juniel said her own opinions brilliantly and sturdy. Unlike a rookie, she was relax and confident when talked about music.

“In fact, I’ve heard a lot of saying about that sturdiness. It came out originally. I didn’t try to make it up. Naturally, I’m not a relax person. When I did my first stage, I was trembling and nervous”

Source: OBS News
Translated by: rifni@junielindo


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