[23/08][INTERVIEW] [‘My First June’ Juniel ②] “I want to remain as a singer with various color”

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Juniel, in June 2010 went across Japan. While attending school in, she did several live events and street live performances and also released 2 indie albums. However, it didn’t mean that she debuted from the beginning. Juniel, who wanted to do band music, did street live performances and also learned Japanese to gain experiences. A talented singer shines everywhere. Juniel is also famous for her Love Call music after debuted.

Juniel’s skill has been recognized after she won the Japanese audition program ‘Niji Iro Supernova’ in 2010. Juniel began to regulary doing street performance and started to interact with fans. By that, she understood how to appreciate fans who were increasing one by one.

“During my 2 years in Japan, I did 3 or 4 street performances in a week. At my first performance, there was not even one audience. Gradually, the audiences keep increasing to the extent that 30~40 people came to listen to my songs. Thanks to all the fans, I was able to push myself until the limit”

Because of going to Japan and doing debut at such a young age, there is no memory from school days. Wasn’t it hard?

“Frankly, I’m really disappointed. At that time, I took my time to meet up with my friends. But now, I’m Juniel and I thought what should I do. I’m disappointed that I couldn’t mingle much with my friends. As such, I don’t regret it because I gain something. ”

Come to think of it, Juniel reminds me of a person. He’s CNBLUEs Jung Yonghwa. His generous support makes fans feel jealous towards you.

“He’s a senior that I’m really thankful of. He helps me both practically and emotionally. I’m always thankful for that. When he was engaged as the producer of my album, from one to ten, he gave me a lot of help. When I did recording, it was a little tough. However, he tried to remove it and made me feeling better. Naturally, he is a kind oppa.”

When Juniel was asked about the musician that she want to work together with, without hesitation she said ‘Pepperstones’.

“Personally, I really like that band. Surely, I want to work together with them. I really want to see them, but until now, I haven’t seen them even once. Because I want to meet them, I talked about it in radio…”

She talked about Pepperstones excitedly. It showed how much she wanted to meet them quickly.

Nowadays, there is a growing number of singers who also do acting. CNBLUE members, who are from the same company as Juniel, are also doing well. Like artists from the same company, aren’t you being influenced?

“Right now, I don’t think about doing acting. I’ve ever attending acting class but I couldn’t do it at all. If I start acting, like doing music, I have to learn for years.”

Juniel. She certainly has a unique charm. She has attractive sleepy eyes. Perhaps, a 4D girl?

“It’s my charm. Well, sleepy charm? My eyes are really sleepy eyes. So are my grandfather’s, my father’s, my younger brother’s. Their eyes are also sleepy eyes. Although when I saw the broadcasting ‘my eyes look straight’, I like my sleepy eyes. Afterwards, the sleepy eyes play a big role in my image.”

In music industry, because there are really a lot of rookies who debut, truthfully, to become known by the public is not easy. In that sense, Juniel, who only did activities for 2 months, has been known by public. It was a successful debut. When Juniel appeared at the broadcast, her name became top rank in real time search query in various portal site.

“Although I only debuted in two months, I received a lot of attention, I’m always thankful of that. I think that I have to work harder. Like I’ve done this far, I will do my best in music and work harder to be able to showcase good performance.”

Juniel, who want to remain as a singer with various color. With her sincere attitude towards music and her own color, we hope that she can be South Korean best female singer-songwriter.

Source: OBS News
Translated by: rifni@junielindo


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