[31/08][TRANS] JUNIEL on Metro Weekend (HK Newspaper)

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Speaking of this year, the most watched rookie, is none other than Juniel, real name Choi Jun Hee, is FNC Entertainment, first solo female singer, and is also this year’s super rookie. Before she debuted in Korea, she had won championship in Japan talent competition, and also at Japan streets and theatres performing street live and public performance, leaving a deep impression.

Juniel went to Japan in June 2010, and attended Japan talent show “Niji Iro Supernova”, and won the championship. After that in April 2011, she released first Japan album “Ready go!” In the same year November, she released another Japan album “Forever”, and then debuted in Japan officially. She only then returns to Korea officially to release first Korea mini album “My First June” on 7 June 2012.

Brilliant future
At first, Juniel was called Junie. That’s because her original name is spelt as “Jun Hee”, thereafter then change her stage named to Juniel. An “L” is added to the end, which actually means “Love”. She believed that love is the origin of all emotions, so she hope she can use love to sing all sorts of different emotions and feelings.

She loves her guitar, and also likes to play piano. In Japan, she prefers to perform at Shinjuku, doing her own live, enjoying herself. She once made her own One Man Live tickets for her fans, and also dreamt that she could wear Hanbok in her Japan performance one day. She prefers the big sea, like the sky, like hiking, and hence cultivated her broad creative mind.

Juniel, who’s born in Korea, other than her parents, has a younger brother too. During her childhood, she fell in love with dancing and singing due to the impact from BoA, and sees it as dream and goals. Then she, who learnt guitar in Secondary 3 (15 years old), wrote the first song “Boy” one year later. At that time, she admired singer-songwriter such as Sheena Ringo and Avril Lavigne the most, and also studied their style of composing. At that time dance song is popular in Korea, and there’s very few singer-songwriter. After she went through her management company’s interview, she was sent to Japan to study. At that time, she thought Japan, which is an ocean away from Korea, has a wide range of music, even indie music were quite active, and thus she decided to go forward, and learn new music style. While she travelled to Japan, she participated “Niji Iro Supernova” competition, became the champion and release album. She accepted her performing arts training at record label Good Entertainment, and thereafter went for FNC Entertainment audition, becoming Jung Yonghwa’s junior. Juniel is “Niji Iro Supernova” highest award winner, and when she was trainee, she already had the chance to harmonize in “Magic”, one of the song in FT Island senior’s “Jump Up” album, and also attended guitar lessons with FT Island Song Seung Hyun and CNBLUE Lee Jonghyun. She already had plenty of opportunities before official debut.

Aspiration for the future
This year, she officially debuted in Korea with the song “Illa Illa” and also had a duet song “Love Fool” with Jung Yong Hwa senior, causing her popularity to soar. Recently, she also had a photoshoot and interview with fashion magazine “Elle Girl”, showing a different image. Juniel mentioned the incident that make her excited after debut in the interview, “After debut, in order to give BoA senior, who had given me big impact, my debut album “My First June”, I waited in front of the waiting room, feeling nervous to the extent that my heart is about to jump out.”

Juniel’s aspirations for the future, “Will strive to perform like now, and express my feelings and stories to everyone through music. My dream is to become an amazing singer-songwriter. I will strive on and go forward to this direction.”

Juniel, same as any other girl, has full of aspirations for love. She once left a message for her future husband “I don’t know where will you be now, but I’m already 20 years old now, so I think we will be able to meet in a few years’ time. You must find me, and then give me happiness, living together with me forever!”

Credits: @emotionaljyh for the scans.
Translated by: junielsg
Please take out with full credits.

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    Thanks for your work as always!^^ wow it mention even her future husband kk xD

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