[21/09][NEWS] Juniel’s selca in school uniform “My school yellow uniform that I like”

Posted: 2012/09/21 in Uncategorized

Juniel showed her cuteness and beauty wearing school uniform.

On afternoon of 20th September, Juniel posted the photos on her twitter, with message that “Our school’s yellow uniform that I like. Now, there’s not so many days left for me to wear this uniform. It’s already going to be graduation exam next week. It feels relieving yet sad.”

On the photos, Juniel is staring at the camera wearing uniform featured by big ribbon. With in variety of expressions, she came out her cute charm.Her gorgeous look was also impressive. She showed off her beautiful skin without makeup. Also, even feminine beauty was added by her long straight hair.

Seeing those photos, Netizens reacted saying “Juniel looks nice in school uniform,” “She’s cute even without makeup,” and “Juniel becomes increasingly pretty.”

Source: TVReport
Reference: Kstyle (Japanese translation of this news), @MYJuniel (Juniel twitter’s translation)
Translated by: yellow shoes


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