[15/10][NEWS] Juniel, “At October” festival the youngest participant appear on “Like a dream stage”

Posted: 2012/10/17 in Uncategorized

Juniel participated in the “At October” festival held at Hangang Nanji Park as the youngest participant performing excellent live performances.

On that day after K.Will, she went on the stage with Lee Moonsae’s “As the Autumn comes”. Juniel played “Ready Go!” and “Everlasting Sunset” with her acoustic guitar, and changed to electric guitar, performing Avril Lavigne’s “My Happy Ending”, receiving a big applause.

Juniel expressed “It was really exciting and dream-like stage. I would like to thank and feel honored to participate with all seniors today.” and “I enjoyed the fun too as an audience”.

Also Juniel updated “I am working hard to record my next album. Will soon be able to greet you with great music.”

Source: AsiaToday
Translated by junielsg


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