[23/10][NEWS] Juniel gives performance at the Nanum Festival

Posted: 2012/10/23 in Uncategorized

Singer Juniel has recently said hello to her fans.

On October 20, the singer tweeted, “I’ve just performed at the Nanum Festival by Korea Food for the Hungry International. The strong wind by the river was a bit chilly, but I was very happy to be invited and given an opportunity to perform at this meaningful place. I hope you guys all participate in this good deed.”

In the picture, Juniel is holding a sign written “Stop Hunger” with a shy smile.

The Nanum Festival was held at the Yeouido floating-stage on October 20 organized by the international relief and development organization, Korea Food for the Hungry International, and Gmarket. Juniel performed her debut song “illa illa” and “Everlasting Sunset,” which she wrote by herself.

You can be involved in a sharing activity such as making emergency food kits for starving neighbors around the world and enjoy a concert by famous K-pop singers. It is a meaningful program that will give you opportunity to make a good food kits yourself.

Source: Xportsnews via koreadotcom


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