[01/11][NEWS] Idols “are not singing puppets” – songwriters increased

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“Songwriter” idols increased.

JYJ’s Jaejoong, Yuchun and Junsu, BigBang’s G-Dragon, V.I, SOL, T.O.P and D-Lite are typical examples. Not only them, each member of CNBLUE and FTISLAND, 2PM’s Junho and Minjun, and solo-singer IU, Juniel and Crazyno too, their albums include their own songs composed or of the lyrics written by themselves.

JYJ members already transformed to singer-songwriters as Junsu released their own composed&written song “Fallen Leaves” in the end of 2010. Preparing music recording room last year, they are acquiring record producing skill, not just songwriting. BigBang has had activities with their own composed songs as its group, solo or unit.

FTISLAND also included their own composition “Top Secret” as title song of their recent Japanese album. All of FTISLAND members took part in songwriting of 7 songs of their 4th Korean full-album.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa wrote songs for his junior singers Juniel and AOA belonging to the same company, FNC Entertainment. All of the members have already acquired songwriting skill. CNBLUE has had activities mainly with the own composition since Japan major debut song “In My Head.” Hyuna’s recent second solo mini-album also included “Very Hot”, whose songwriting she took part in.

Also, Minjun debuted as a composer Jun.K. Juniel debuted in June with her mini-album consisting of 5 songs, and 3 songs “Ready Go!”, “Everlasting Sunset” and “Mask” in the album were her own composition. Crazyno debuted with a title song “Musiche,” which is his own composition. It’s remarkable for idol singers to debut with their own compositions.

Until now, it was often the case that idol singers asked songwriters for songs and had activities with them. By doing that, they were recognized for their singing and performance skills. In the other hand, they was seen as “puppet” made by entertainment companies, or seen as entertainer rather than singers, and they might not gather trusts.

Popular music commentator Kang Daekyu told that “It is a proof of their development in music that idol singers who do songwriting increased” and “They have to disappear some day if they stay as idols. Their development in music will rise fans’ trust on the quality of their music.”

Own composition has an advantage that it suits the singer well. Also, songwriting skill gives idol singers quite a little income. In case of FTISLAND, they have just received their income calculation, and it was found that income related to copyright fee were reaching to 40% of the total.

FNC Entertainment CEO Jo Sungwan explained that “Music becomes a base for singers to live when they get old.” and “To learn songwriting is an investment in their own futures.”

Source: edaily via Nate
Translated by: @ylwshs12

  1. Vivi_Yume says:

    I love JYJ!! I love CNBLUE!! I love Juniel!!!! (Of course)

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