[04/11][NEWS] FT Island’s Jonghun and JUNIEL’s loving two-shot “good-looking brother and sister”

Posted: 2012/11/04 in Uncategorized

FT Island’s Jonghun released a siblings like “two-shot” photo with singer JUNIEL.

Choi Jonghun tweeted in the evening on the 3rd, “Juni~~~el~~ who became more mature~~ hope you become more beautiful!!” with a photo showing.

In the photo, Choi Jonghun wore large frame glasses and black suit, has drifted the intellectual atmosphere. Choi Jonghun lined with JUNIEL calmly, who showed pure and innocent charm appeal to white costume.

The two of them looks like brother and sister with “beauty gene” with straight nose, big eyes and bright smile.

Netizens who saw the photos gave comments such as “It is like a two-shot of the flower garden”, “Friendly brother and beautiful sister”, “Juniel has became more and more feminine”.

Source: OSEN via KStyle
Translated by: junielsg
Vetted by: ylwshs12


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