[07/11][NEWS] Juniel, High school cheer sensed out “National cute person”?

Posted: 2012/11/08 in Uncategorized

Singer Juniel cheered Scholastic Aptitude Test takers through Twitter.

Juniel, on the 7th posted on her own Twitter “SAT is tomorrow! Everyone, don’t be too nervous. I hope that you will accomplish it with stunning results! Everyone, hwaiting ~!!” along with a photo.

In the photo, Juniel held a placard that wrote “Desire score! Desire college! Sure to achieve! You are a bad person if you forgot me after you enter the college T.T” with charming smile, drew attention of netizens.

Netizens saw the photo and left comments such as “Juniel’s support will allow our students to get good scores.”, “Finally the day of battle”, “Cute Juniel”, “There is a sense of supporting messages.” and “Became the national cute person”.

Source: TVReport via KStyle
Translated by: junielsg


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