[18/11][NEWS] Juniel transformed into Alice, selca with rabbit, “Who’s prettier?”

Posted: 2012/11/19 in News

Juniel transformed into Alice. Singer Juniel has released a photo taken with the bunny.

Juniel, on 15 November, posted on her twitter “Filming for the MV, the whole world is white, even the rabbit, & I look like Alice in Wonderland!^^! Tomorrow the teaser will be out! Watch it okay?” with photo.

In the photo, Juniel embraced the white rabbit in the music video scene with a smile. And another photo, by her hunker down image in film making site that looks like whole world covered with white snow makes raising expectations of Juniel’s new music video.

Juniel’s 2nd mini album “1&1” title track “Bad Man” is a pop song that allows Juniel’s sad vocal stands out, expressing a feeling of a female who is hurt by a breakup and in distress, could feel JUNIEL’s great sensitivity. It will be released on 20th November.

Source: bntnews
Translated by: junielsg with help of chickenEE


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