[19/11][NEWS] Lee Hi vs Juniel, 2 consecutive hits and strike.. Female popular rookies ‘Frontal showdown’

Posted: 2012/11/19 in News

This year year-end singing ceremony is expected to have two potential candidates for Female Rookie award, aiming 2 consecutive hits in the chart along with the song source. Both debut in 2012, has received love for their own distinctive popular music, Juniel (19, real name Choi Jun Hee) and Lee Hi (16) release new songs, unfolds the match outcome.

Former runner-up of SBS ‘Good Sunday-Kpop Star’ Lee Hi, released debut song ‘1,2,3,4’ on 29th October, is in pursuit of popularity in topping the music charts for 3 weeks. This song is retro-soul song which the domestic world of singers doesn’t treat often these days and Lee Hi’s soulful voice received good reviews.

In response to such upward momentum, Lee Hi will release two new songs surprisingly on the coming 22nd. Known to be conducted with secrecy, not even YG staff know the release of this new song.

YG Entertainment officials said “Until the day before, YG staffs, except producer Yang Hyun Suk who was working secretly, did not know the release of Lee Hi’s new song” as “YG announced new rookie after 3 years since 2NE1 debut in 2009 with CEO Yang oversees every details personally”.

Debut last June, Juniel will be releasing 2nd mini album ‘1&1 on the coming 20th. She was determined to establish a solid foothold as big new star with hot popularity of the this first half year debut song ‘Illa Illa’.

This album’s title track ‘Bad Man’ as well as 4 self-composed songs, is expected to be better. Previously, on the 16th, white snowy Juniel with hot-rolled tears from ‘Bad Man’ teaser video released and raised expectations for the comeback.

Born in 1993 female singer-songwriter Juniel debut in June with mini album ‘My First June”s title song ‘Illa Illa’ topped various online music charts for 20 weeks or more and was loved by people.

Juniel is running first in the Best New Female Artist category in 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards (in short, ‘2012 MAMA’) online voting.

Juniel’s pure tone and likes to play guitar get the nickname of “2nd IU”, won the audition program ‘Nijiiro Supernova’ co-hosted by EMI Music Japan and a magazine company, and was evaluated as capable.

The two people coming from the major music charts with noticeable performance, obtained new song end of this year able to fit “the last hurray” with 2 consecutive hits, gained more interest. Debut last February, big rookie Ailee achieved good grades with the song ‘I’ll show you’ is expected to add interest to the fierce competition of female rookie singer in the future.

Source: StarNEWS
Translated by: junielsg with help of ChickenEE and ylwshs12


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