[20/11][NEWS] Juniel, ‘Bad Man’ audio released and swept music charts

Posted: 2012/11/20 in News

Singer Juniel released album and swept music charts at the same time.

Juniel’s new song ‘Bad Man’ incredibly sat in the top of various music charts immediately after the release on 20th noon. Hot reaction from various sites (Bugs #1, MNET Choice #8, Melon #10) caused a blast fierce impact. All the songs ranked top has demostrated the convergence of the next generation singer-songwriter.

This year, regarded as the leader of girl power and the hottest solo female singer, Juniel’s album released and at the same time, the real-time search query ranking changed in Naver and other portal sites. It was fan’s focused as 1st rank at portal.

Juniel’s second mini album ‘1&1 consists 4 of her own composition and showed a talent for the talented singer-songwriter. ‘Boy’, the song Juniel first composed at 16 years old, received great attention.

Juniel’s new songs were praised by netizens such as “Juniel songs big hit”, “Talented artist” and “1&1 songs are good”.

Meanwhile, Juniel will be coming back on KBS2 Music Bank on October 22nd. (translator: think media typo. it should be 23rd.)

Source: OBS
Translated by junielsg with help of ChickenEE

  1. ica says:

    this is awesome!
    btw it should be “November 23rd” 😀

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