[20/11][NEWS] The ‘Bad Man’ that makes Juniel cry, release today noon!

Posted: 2012/11/20 in News

Attention to the talented singer-songwriter Juniel’s second mini album’s title song ‘Bad Man’ will be released today at noon.

Young but spirited singer-songwriter Juniel debuted in Korea with mini-album ‘My First June’ with 3 of her own composition last June, prepared to receive her skills to be evaluated with new mini-album ‘1&1’ that includes 4 of her composition, ‘Oh! Happy Day’, ‘Boy’, ‘Cat Day’ and ‘Happy Ending’.

In particular, one of the 4 self-composed songs ‘Boy’ was the first song that Juniel composed in third grade of junior high school at the age of 16, revealed “‘Boy’ is a song that contains the emotions I felt when I started first love. Somehow when I sing the song, you will get the feeling filled with an overwhelming sense of moved and maybe feel the thrill at that time. Playing something entirely true based on my feeling but in my experience.” raised expectation.

Meanwhile, the album will be available to the public with Juniel’s sobbing tears ‘Bad Man’ full version music video.

Source: yeongnam
Translated by: junielsg with help of ChickenEE


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