[15/11][NEWS] Star’s Edgy “Winter Fashion” Style…items?

Posted: 2012/11/21 in News

When the winter comes, the women and men will be busy preparing the coats. As you know, one of the necessary style for the long winter atmosphere is a good coat.

However if you buy a coat because it’s beautiful, the possibility of the coat being “dead” in the wardrobe is high. Let’s take a look at the guidelines that the celebrities has illustrated with the various designs and colors of the stylish coats.


6. BIKE REPAIR SHOP with Juniel & Kim Hyung Tae (Busker Busker)

If the styling is tedious, let us take a look at Juniel and Busker Busker’s Kim Hyung Tae. With the nickname of “sweetheart” icon, Juniel show off her cute coat style. The advantage of Juniel’s coat is that it can be wear two different ways, killing two birds with one stone.

Busker Busker’s Kim Hyung Tae wearing a wine colored coat along with a chino colored pants that was folded along with a perfectly match socks. Last year, picoté was transformed into knitted mufflers or a hat as a point item.


Source: isplus
Translated by: junielsg


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