[21/11][NEWS] Juniel, new song ‘Bad Man’ crowned in music charts

Posted: 2012/11/21 in News

Singer Juniel’s new song ‘Bad Man’ topped the music charts.

Juniel’s ‘Bad Man’, as well as the other songs, blown up on top of music charts, laying off the convergence of the next-generation singer-songwriter.

Self-composed songs ‘Boy’ and ‘Happy Ending’ were all ranked top 5, ‘Oh! Happy Day’ and ‘Cat Day’ also entered the top 15. In particular, ‘Boy’, known as the song that Juniel first completed at the age of 16, has attracted more attention.

With the release of JUNIEL’s “Bad Person” Music Video that featured her trademark, performing with the guitar, it raises netizens expectations of her comeback stage.

When the album was released, her name ranked high on real-time keyword search in various portal sites at the same time, and Juniel will make her comeback on the coming 23rd through KBS Music Bank.

Source: hankyung
Translated by: junielsg


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