[INFO] Compilation of Juniel’s fanclub name

Posted: 2012/11/22 in Uncategorized

Juniel official fancafe is now accepting suggestions for the fanclub name and we’ll compile all the names here and send to fancafe. Closing date for ideas: 7 December

  1. Sweethearts
  2. Princess
  3. PikaJuniel – Juniel’s Pikachu
  4. JunieLover – We are Juniel’s Lover.
  5. Everlasting June
  6. Junielism – Fan’s effect on Juniel
  7. Juneer
  8. Junielia – Juniel’s Familia
  9. Juove – Juniel + Love
  10. LoveJune – Love Juniel
  11. Panniel – Panini + Juniel
  12. Juvetar – Juniel Love Guitar
  13. JuneLove
  14. Harmonia – Greek god of harmony and concord
  15. Junielizers – We are the fertilizers of Juniel
  16. Junies
  17. JuST – Juniel the First
  18. Panini – We want to be her beloved guitar.
  19. Amico – Best Friend in French
  20. Traveler
  21. Junier – Juniel’s bunny dongsaeng
  22. Bunny – Juniel’s favourite animal
  23. Happniel – We want to see Happy Juniel.
  24. Yelliel – Yellow + Juniel
  25. L – Juniel are a combination of Junhee and L. Without L, there won’t be Juniel.
  26. Juliet
  27. Joice – Juniel’s voice
  28. Joyce – Juniel brings joys to fans
  29. Misora – Beautiful sky in Japanese and it sounds pretty
  30. Junilla – Juniel + Illa Illa
  31. Illa
  32. Junitar – Juniel + Guitar
  33. Sunniel – Juniel is as warm as a sun.
  34. Junistar – Juniel shines brightly like a star.
  1. I’m so used to JunieLover so i can’t choose x’)

    “Amico – Best Friend in French”
    The french for “best friend” is “meilleur(e) ami(e)” (the e is for the girls~), but not “amico”, it’s not even french xD

  2. JUNIELind✿ says:

    Reblogged this on ✿junielindo✿ and commented:
    [INFO] Suggest a Juniel fanclub’s name here!! (will be sent to Juniel’s official fancafe)

  3. JuST, it’s so simple but have pretty meaning
    at first, i think Juliet sound good.. but, it isn’t matches for fanboy

  4. cheerfulsunset says:

    I think illa is the best opction 😀 ….Thanks junielsg for your support to JUNIEL.. THANKS ;3;

  5. Hye Jung says:

    This is hard ;___;
    Let’s be Junebugs :3
    LOL just kidding. ~
    I like sweethearts. it sounds pretty nice.

  6. AndreAce says:

    i’m a Juniel Lover, forever love Juniel 😀

  7. Mc Will says:

    voting Sweethearts~

  8. emelia tan says:

    I like JOICE the most since we are her fans, her voice who will always support her… and it also can mean Joyce (pronounce the same way) since she would bring joy to us! 😀

    Junier and Junitar is also not bad! 😀

  9. Nana_Lu says:

    for me we would call us “LUNIEL” comes from the bonding of LUNA(moon) in spanish and iel from Juniel. It’s said that the moon, specially the full moon, each month intensifies the energy and raises the spiritual activity; in that moment the moon is on the opposite side of the Earth and moves away from the sun. This allows a full, direct and unhindered relationship between the Earth and the sun, what I mean is that even though we’re near or far from Juniel, we LUNIEL will always be her source of life or energy.

  10. manie says:

    i love,junielism,juliet and junitar!!!!!!

  11. Sim Min Xuan says:

    the name should have sth to do with her name…

  12. Creamyy says:

    I like Junier, Misora! 😀 but i like JunieLover the most! :>

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