[22/11][NEWS] Juniel, new song ‘Bad Man’ unique event announcement

Posted: 2012/11/23 in News

Singer Juniel announced a unique event to celebrate the release of new song ‘Bad Man’.

Juniel posted “Juniel’s Bad Man project! There is too many thrash on the street. Bad person saw the rubbish and didn’t pick it up!” on her twitter with two photos on 22nd afternoon.

Published in the photo was Juniel pasted a paper which is cut in the shape of a tear under her eyes while holding a crumpled paper trash, caught the attention.

And Juniel let know fans the event by upload picture “Mention the confirm shot when you join the twitter campaign. Juniel will pick the mention and give a present”.

Netizens’ reactions of Juniel’s photos were as such “Fine, we’ll make it right away.”, “I wondered what the gift is” and “Please choose me”.

Meanwhile, Juniel released new song ‘Bad Man’ on the 20th, holds the top in various music charts.

Source: StarNews
Translated by: junielsg with help of ChickenEE


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