[23/11][NEWS] Juniel, at ‘Bad Man’ Music Bank comeback stage

Posted: 2012/11/23 in News

Singer Juniel has her comeback stage on KBS2 ‘Music Bank’.

Juniel is going to appear in KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ broadcast on November 23rd afternoon.

Juniel’s second album ‘1&1’ title track ‘Bad Man’ is a compelling pop song with Juniel’s sorowful voice, holds farewell of a woman’s hurt heart.


Playing guitar like a deep confession and the piano play going together with the sad melody simulates the emotion.

Facing the comeback stage, Juniel said “When I heard ‘Bad Man’ for the first time, I was attracted to the melody. Finally, I get to perform on stage today.”

And Juniel said her belief for music, “To me, music is like food, clothing and shelter. Music’s food, clothing and shelter!” and “I want to be a singer-songwriter that can communicate with people and heal them with music that contains my feelings.”

Source: heraldcorp
Translated by: junielsg and ylwshs12


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