[23/11][NEWS] Juniel, ‘Pure + Fresh’ caught male fans

Posted: 2012/11/23 in News

Rookie singer Juniel’s innocent and fresh charm captivated the hearts of male fans. (Translator: females too)

Juniel, the pure adult who is just 20 years old, released 2nd mini album ‘1&1’ on the 20th. Still couldn’t take off this milk skin girl, because of her facial features and cute image, she was given the nickname “Second National Sister”.

Not only that, the slender body of 164cm with long hairstyle and sky-colored dressed, playing the guitar and singing at the same time with spirited appearing, exudes a unique charm that can never be found among the other new singers.

In particular, she appeared in the song ‘Bad Man’ music video, showcasing her sad tears in her acting like a princess walking out of fairy tale, added a pale image.

Aside from the topics of Juniel’s innocent and cute beauty, as soon as new song ‘Bad Man’ released, it topped the real-time charts such as Melon, Bugs, Soribada and Naver Music.

Meanwhile, Juniel has her first ‘Bad Man’ comeback stage on KBS ‘Music Bank’ on 23rd.

Source: OSEN
Translated by: junielsg


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