[24/11][NEWS] Juniel “Benefit of IU’s effect? Complete nonsense” (Interview)

Posted: 2012/11/24 in News

Cute and fresh appearance which stimulates delicate sensibility, playing guitar like a deep confession, soft and clear voice coming out from a small body. Nineteen year old, female rookie singer-songwriter Juniel (19, Real name Choi Jun Hee) named as ‘Second National Sister’ along with heathen uncles, has emerged as fans of romance.

On the 23rd, at Seoul, Yeouido-dong, KBS New Building open hall, in the waiting room of KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’, we met Juniel and she said “I can’t feel even though everyone said like that.” and “Just working hard for music seems favorable to the public” tiredly with a smile.

On the 20th, Juniel released 2nd mini album ‘1&1’ for comeback and has gained hot responses at the same time. The title song ‘Bad Man’ released and the presence of climbing on top of the various real-time music charts was shown.

‘Boy’, ‘Happy Ending’, ‘Oh! Happy Day’, and ‘Cat Day’, these 4 self-composed songs entered the chart-topping and all the songs were loved equally. In particular, ‘Boy’, which was known to be the first song composed by Juniel at 16 years old, received great interest.

“I made quite a lot of preparations for this album. I like the songs in themselves and I found them favorable. I am trying to be very honest and do openly just when I do music. When I sing a song, I put my feelings that I want to tell into the song. Fans seem to like this point, too.”

Last June debut song ‘Illa Illa’ is consistently loved, Juniel who is currently active at the same time with Lee Hi and Ailee, forming rivalry and fierce competition for Rookie of The Year. In priority of this year, she has obtained close to 40% of approval ratings in the first music industry award ceremony, 2012 Mnet Asian Music Awards Rookie of the Year award, speculates the situation.

However, Juniel hesitated and said “I feel good but I don’t have much desire.” “Because fans vote hard and cheer me, I feel pretty good. If they gave the award to me, I would receive thankfully. But award is not my purpose of my activity, so I don’t have much desire. I like to write songs and have activity like this.”

JUNIEL is sometimes said that she received a surprise benefit from IU’s photo, but in fact she doesn’t look caring about it. She said “Actually I’m so sorry for (the situation of ‘IU’s photo’)” and denied that saying “It’s complete nonsense that I go well because of that.”

“In fact, I don’t care about it at all. I have only this thought, “I will just keep doing music hard.”

Now that Juniel is doing the music she likes, every moment is precious. She looking around silently because she walked away steadily without caring what’s in someone’s eyes.

“I’m just Juniel. No matter how many times I say so, everyone doesn’t see me so. (laugh) If I make efforts, nicknames will disappear someday. With this thought, I’m making efforts.”

Translated by: junielsg and ylwshs12 with help of ChickenEE


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