[24/11][NEWS] Juniel, Hot comeback! The ‘Bad Man’ sensation

Posted: 2012/11/25 in News

Singer Juniel’s new song ‘Bad Man’ comeback was released into sensation.

On 23rd, Juniel crowned #1 in real-time searches after the KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ comeback stage, marked the start of ‘Bad Man’ sensation.

Juniel appeared wearing a black skirt with a gorgeously harmonized blend of pink, turquoise, black see-through top, showed off the pure beauty and femininity at the same time. Juniel’s ‘Bad Man’ climbed up on the top of music charts immediately after the album released, attracting big popularity before the comeback. The first comeback unfolded yesterday, her name ranked #1 in Naver real time searches, has proved a great interest.

Debut last June with debut song ‘Illa Illa’ and ended activities in August, successfully comeback with ‘Bad Man’ after about 3 months, Juniel said with regards to her comeback “I could feel the heat on the comeback stage with fans cheering for me to take the stage on the right moment. I would like to thanks the fans who sent a lot of praises, and I’ll continue to show a good stage as the ‘Bad Man’ is asking for a lot of attention.”

The talented singer-songwriter and drawing attention to ‘Discovery of the Year’ Juniel staged a comeback in the aspects of rich sensibility and varied with a voice as an artist, left a strong impression. Trademark of playing her guitar with her name engraved, the songs that Juniel sung with resonating voice and compelling eyes has delivered richer emotions.

Juniel’s new song ‘Bad Man’ swept the top of music charts shortly after the release of album, and received great love. The self-composed songs (Oh! Happy Day, Boy, Cat Day, Happy Ending) that were in this second album ‘1&1’ landed in the charts as well, is getting a lot of attention. In particular, Juniel’s first composed song ‘Boy’, including the songs ‘Oh! Happy Day’ and ‘Cat Day’ were all completed at the age of 16, has attracted attention.

Source: hanbooki
Translated by: junielsg


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