[25/11][NEWS] ‘Singer-songwriter’ Juniel, copyright fees as ‘earning money’

Posted: 2012/11/25 in News

Singer-songwriter Juniel earned copyright fees from the music industry, has emerged as a strong rookie.

This year, 20 years old Juniel released 2 albums in Korea, as well as 4 albums in Japan, containing many of her composition songs.

In particular, she released 2nd mini album ‘1&1’ on the 20th, 4 songs other than the title song ‘Bad Man’ were composed and written by her.

With two albums released in Korea, containing 7 self-somposed songs, Juniel’s royalties would already be worth analyzing. In addition, she released 4 albums in Japan and is said that all the self-composed songs that she made turned out to be equivalent to the amount of revenue coming from the country.

Her agency officials said: “We do not know exactly and have any idea how much is Juniel’s royalties privately owned, who launched her self-composition in Korea, as well as she was in Japan for 2 years and released 4 albums with her own hand because it’s seems to worth the copyright fees.”

Meanwhile, Juniel released 2nd mini-album ‘1&1’ with the song ‘Bad Man’ on the 20th, and is doing her activities.

Source: OSEN
Translated by: junielsg


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