[25/11][NEWS] ‘Great tear acting in MV’ JUNIEL, declares “I’m not gonna act”.. Why?

Posted: 2012/11/26 in News

Through the new song ‘Bad Man’ music video acting challenge, it seems difficult to expect singer Juniel to transform into actress for the time being.

Juniel’s agency official said “After Juniel experienced acting at MV, she shook her hand saying she cannot do again” and “As Juniel acted much better than expected, everyone seemed inspired at the scene, but Juniel shed tears saying ‘I don’t believe there’s anything as difficult as this (acting) in the world’. She made it clear and with firm intention to concentrate on music rather than acting.”

The agency reflected the full intention of Juniel, as well as planned to give full support for ‘Bad Man’ music activities. Juniel is going to do a collective effort to strengthen its position as a singer too. Agency official explained “Music is always placed a higher priority in all the activities and entertainment”.

Previously Juniel released 2nd mini-album ‘1&1’ on the 20th and starred in the music video of the title track ‘Bad Man’, the parting tears and painful emotions digested into the acting was well-received. The thoughts of using her fist to hit her chest in music video, and sweeping of papers placed on top of the table, in connection to her natural acting of intense emotional expressions, caught the attention.

Furthermore, under the same agency as Juniel, CNBLUE, FT Island as well as AOA members starred in musical, dramas as much as in the footsteps of an all-round entertainer and performer, her transformation was expected to be realized as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Juniel’s ‘Bad Man’ is rising on real-time music charts such as Melon and Bugs, shortly after the release. As a rookie, she is showing the unusual activities to represent her musical competence of 4 self-composed songs such as ‘Oh! Happy Day’, ‘Boy’, ‘Cat Day’ and ‘Happy Ending’.

Source: OSEN
Translated by: junielsg with help of ylwshs12


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